About Rosario’s Flatbread Crackers
Rosario’s began manufacturing and distributing fine bakery goods decades ago. Our manufacturing facility in Brooklyn, New York has been in operation since 1945 and over the years, we've earned a solid reputation as a company that maintains excellent quality control and a determination to deliver nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. Our baking facility is Kosher and Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified. SQF Certification proves that our organization produces, processes, prepares and handles food products to the highest possible standards. SQF is designed as a food safety program, but it also covers product quality, a feature that is unique to a certification program of this type.
The Original Flatbread Crackers
The words “Flatbread Crackers” have become synonymous with Rosario’s. We are the exclusive private label manufacturer of Flatbread Crackers for Sysco Corporation and a leading provider of Flatbread Crackers in major supermarket chains such as Publix, Fresh Market and Whole Foods Markets.
Our Customers Come First
The Retail and Food Service industries are ever changing and our customers generate a strong impact on trends. At Rosario's we believe sharp, pro-active and sophisticated action is essential for advancing in business. We have developed our products and services over the years to correspond with market-driven fluctuation. We respect the individual goals and interests of our distribution partners and understand the process of working together toward increased sales and territory growth.
Family-Owned and Operated
Rosario's is family-owned and operated and a bit traditional when it comes to our business ethics, yet you can count us on to be professional, innovative, progressive and eager to surpass our customer's expectations. Over many years of business we owe a great deal of our success to the relationships we’ve formed along the way.